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The Doctor

Dr. Cynthia Luce, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Luce graduated magna cum laude from Life West Chiropractic College in 1997. She opened her first solo practice in Menlo Park's Basic Training Fitness Gym where she offered chiropractic services to members as well as neighboring corporations. There, she built up a healthy clientele with people coming from all over to see her. Eventually, she worked up to seeing 30 patients per day. After eight years, this pace took a toll and she decided to scale back her Menlo Park practice to take some time out and

Dr. Cynthia Luce

In an effort to give back to her profession, Dr. Luce taught at her alma mater, Life West, for three years. There, she worked as a clinic faculty doctor advising new interns on clinical management of their first patients. It was an excellent, growth-filled time, reconnecting with colleagues, getting up to date on the latest research, and working with young people. Working with young doctors is always invigorating, but her clients beckoned her to return to practice.

In an effort to satisfy her Menlo Park clientele, she kept a small, satellite practice in San Carlos. A death in the family forced a move up the peninsula to the City, so she decided to open a new practice in Pacifica. Drawn to the beauty of the California coast she felt Pacifica was the perfect place where patients could come to experience the healing properties of the ocean, hills and rugged surroundings. The quieter rhythm of the coast suits her well as she has no employees, and enjoys a simpler, low-stress balance in her work and personal life.

In addition to chiropractic practice, Dr. Luce has spent many years studying nutrition and the power of supplementation. Under Dr. Jeffrey Bland, founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine she has completed numerous courses from anti-aging, to hormone balancing. She has also studied herbology and aromatherapy and readily advises her patients on home remedies and applications using pharmaceutical grade supplements, herbs and essential oils from plants.

In her off time, you can find Dr. Luce hitting the gym doing cardio or lifting weights. You may even see her hiking the hills or biking the local trails. She enjoys the arts: painting, photography, ceramics and sculpture. Travel is a love as well as a pass time, but she finds it difficult, as most dedicated doctors do, to tear herself away from the office for any extended period of time.